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Tableau interview questions

  1. Tableau Architecture
  2. Whats the difference between dimensions and measures?
  3. Describe tableau architecture
  4. What is the distributed architecture
  5. What’s the worker software?
  6. What’s the use of failover?
  7. Describe following
    1. VizQL
    2. Data engine
    3. SQL connectors
    4. Fast Data Engine
    5. MDX Connector
    6. Data Server
    7. Application Server
    8. Gateway/Load Balancer
  8. Who can change the project level ownership?
  9. Who can change the workbook level access?
  10. What’s the difference between local and active directory user?
  11. What’s the meaning of locking the content permission to a project?
  12. What the minimum hardware requirement for tableau server and desktop
  13. What’s the run as user and how does it work?
  14. Can we run tableau server on the cloud platform, any idea what are the all cloud platform?
  15. What the difference between User Authentication Active directory vs Local Authentication of users
  16. Describe the caching & Initial SQL?
  17. Describe how tableau server determine the number of process?
  18. What are the steps for tableau SMTP configuration
  19. What is the difference between alerts and subscriptions
  20. How does SAML work?
  21. How does Kerberos work?
  22. Please tell the step by step process for tableau server upgradation?
  23. What’s the real time us of site, project, group and users?
  24. How to customize tableau server? And what type of customization you can do?
  25. Administrative views: what’s the difference in background task for extracts and background tasks for non-extracts?
  26. What is the difference between tableau reader, tableau desktop, tableau online, and tableau server?
  27. What is data visualization
  28. Difference between Discrete Vs Continuous
  29. What is the default data blending join
  30. What is page shelf
  31. Difference between groups and sets ·
  32. What are sets ·
  33. What are parameters.
  34. Difference between data blending and joins ·
  35. Performance tuning in tableau Desktop.
  36. What is context filter.
  37. What are different file extensions in tableau
  38. What are actions ·
  39. Difference between dual axis, Blended axis, Individual Axis, Combination Charts?
  40. What are user filters?
  41. What do you prefer? Extracts or Live Data connection and why?
  42. What is the current version you are using in your project and what are the features added in the current version vs previous version?
  43. What is page shelf.
  44. What is forecasting.
  45. What types of calculations you worked on and what are they?
  46. What are LOD’s and why they are useful?
  47. What are tooltips and why they are useful to create in a view
  48. I have a dataset, which has measure sales and category as dimension. Show negative values as red and positive values to green for each category.
  49. I have a dataset, which has got nulls. I want to replace null with ‘0’(Zero). How can I achieve this
  50. While creating a calculated field I see “ Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate arguments” as error. How can you prevent this error ·
  51. Can we transpose data in tableau?
  52. How many ways you can create filters/Types of filters.
  53. I have different measures in my data pane. I want to create a view where I can swap the measures. How can we achieve this?
  54. Can we use parameter as a filter?
  55. How would you create top N sales. Where N should be dynamic parameter.
  56. What is the calculation you would write YTD,MTD.
  57. How can I remove “ABC” default text placeholder?
  58. What are joins and types of joins.
  59. what are the advantages of Lod’s
  60. Difference between Quick Filters and Context Filters
  61. How many types of maps are there in Tableau
  62. I have three tabs in an excel sheet and in this case which technique you will be used? Data blending or Joins?
  63. How do I automate reports using Tableau software?
  64. Performance Tuning in Tableau
  65. What are limitations of parameters in tableau
  66. How to remove “All” option from from tableau auto-filter
  67. How many maximum tables you can join in tableau
  68. What is aggregation and dis-aggregation



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