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Tableau 10 New Features

Tableau 10 Beta Release

Tableau 10 New Features

Tableau is going to release many interesting features in next version tableau 10. I have found that tableau is one of the most aggressive BI tools. And have observed that it keep releasing new versions very frequently. The each new version comes with new features or they provide solutions for limitations

Being Agile and adopting new changes is one of the best approaches to show your presence in the market and show the direction to the clients. Tableau is working on the same, they are providing solution to the existing problems and also coming out with innovative and creative ideas for data analysis.

Following are the new feature of Tableau 10


In tableau 10 you can join data from disparate data sources like oracle and excel. So far this was kind of limitation in tableau. Now you can create join between cross databases and start the data analysis.


  1. Tableau for Android

Before version 10 Tableau mobile app was available for iOS iPAD only. After release of tableau version tableau app would be available on android phones as well.



  1. Device Designer in version 10

In version 10 you can easily design the dashboard for device like iPAD or iPhone and publish them. Tableau is also adding workbook formatting control. With this control you can change the formatting of entire workbook with just few clicks.


  1. Global cross database filters

This was one of the major limitations in tableau 9 and all earlier releases that you can’t use a common filter across the difference data sources. In version 10 you will be able create common filter for common field across the different database.


  1. Clustering

There is lot of focus on the finding patterns from the data. The new version of the tableau allows us to do clustering and find interesting patterns from the data.



  1. Custom Regions

Tableau 10 allows users to create custom regions to define the customized sales territories.


  1. Web Authoring

In new version you can do more with web editing, it’s more powerful compare to earlier version 9.0.  Add published data sources and create dashboard in the browser.


  1. Data Source Analytics

The new version of tableau allows you to analyze the data sources monitor them and see how they are being used. You can also mark your favorite data sources


9. Data Connectors

Tableau has added few improved data connectors for better data analysis We’re adding and improving our data connectors so you can start analyzing your data faster. Enjoy connections to Google Sheets, Quickbooks Online, Kognitio, memSQL, OData, and WDC 2.0 for web data.


  1. Mobile Device Management

Deploy Tableau dashboard from Mobile Directly

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June 5, 2016

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