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Interesting New Features Tableau version 9.3

Many new interesting features have been introduced in tableau version 9.3

Following are the key highlights.

Union: no more limitations, now user can combine multiple excel or text files and create a combined data sources, this feature is very similar to the union in SQL

Join on pivoted columns now you can join on columns that you create using the pivot feature and use these fields for further data integration and analysis.

Maps: Tableau has included the postal code for 42 European counties to make geo analysis more interesting and interactive

Desktop Stays connected: the new version of the tableau desktop stays connected with the last server you have logged in. this feature make collaboration and publishing easy when you are working with tableau server or tableau on line

Revision History: this was most desired feature. I have seen that most of the BI tools don’t have this feature you can’t have version control that easily on the tool. Now tableau has introduced the feature which will make easy to restore the previous version of a published workbook

Initial SQL support for more data sources: Tableau can pass initial SQL to more data sources now, Oracle, Pivotal Green plum, and Microsoft SQL Server in addition to the data sources for which it was supporting initial SQL earlier

Tableau Parameters in Initial SQL (Beta 1) You can now pass parameters to your data source in an initial SQL statement. This is useful because: · You can configure impersonation using Delegated User or Delegated User Full. · If your data source supports it, you can set up row-level security, (for example, for Oracle VPD or SAP Sybase ASE) to make sure that users see only the data that they are authorized to see. · You can provide more details in logging, for example, the Tableau version or the workbook name.

Desktop installer improvements (Beta 1): To improve the connectivity with different databases tableau desktop now automatically installs the connectors for most commonly used databases

Calculations: there are improvements in the level of detail expression and forecast related calculation. And the regular expression will supported by more databases now.

Updates to level of detail expressions

You can now use any expression that evaluates as a

dimension, including date expressions, in the

dimensionality declaration for a level of detail

expression. This keeps you from having to create

additional calculated fields, so it saves time and reduces

the amount of clutter in your Data pane.

This example excludes a discrete date bin in the view:

{EXCLUDE YEAR(Date) : SUM([Sales])}

This example excludes the YEAR(Date), which is a

discrete date bin in the view:

{EXCLUDE DATEPART(‘year’, Date) : SUM([Sales])}

This example excludes the YEAR(Date), which is a

continuous date field in the view:

{EXCLUDE DATETRUNC(‘year’, Date): SUM([Sales])}

Forecasting improvements:  forecasting has been improved in tableau now you can do forecasting using the integer value dimension while earlier it was possible with date dimension only

Tableau now skips the null and missing values while estimating the parameters for forecast model

However, the nulls remain in the series so the indexes of the values remain the same

MAP : Zoom improvements (Beta 1) Zooming in map views just got easier. You can now scroll to zoom in and out of a point on a map. No need to hold the modifier key anymore.

Additional Map Data

New data includes:

  • 1. India districts.
  • 2. USA demographic data layers for 2016.
  • 3. USA ZIP Code updates for 2016.
  • 4. Postal code updates to UK, France and
  • 5. Germany.
  • 6. Postal code additions for 39 European
  • 7. countries, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain,
  • 8. Sweden, Switzerland and more.

Tableau Server :

Tableau server has many improvements on the server side which are basically making it easy to maintain tableau server with enhanced features

Low Disk Space Alerts:Tableau throws error when disk space fall below the specified limit, and sends alert until the space is restored

Recreation of extract:if an extract file is missing due to migration issue or bug tableau automatically creates the extract notify admin. Now it also allows user to download the workbook for which the data extract is missing so that extract can be built in tableau

PostgreSQL connectivity and health improvements

Fast Failover : Failover from one repository to other no longer require server restart, as a result failover from one repository is quicker

Manual and Auto Failover:

You can disable automatic repository failover so that you control failover manually using the failover repository command.

Postgresql health check , this can be done through the command user can check the if PostgreSQL db has been corrupted by issue the command while taking the backup

Workbook revision history

Now tableau server stores the revision history of the workbook that is published on the server, you can restore the workbook from history


The rest apes has been ported to completely new platform, this means that you no longer need to enable API Server and run the WG Server process.

The following new calls have been added to the REST


 Query schedules: Get a list of extract

refresh and subscription schedules.

 Query extract refresh tasks: Get a list of

extract refresh tasks for a particular schedule

and site.

 Delete data source: Delete a data source

that matches a specified ID.

 Delete workbook: Delete a workbook and

its associated views and data connections.

 Query workbook: Get information about a

workbook, including the owner, views, and


 Query views for a workbook: Get a list of

view names, URL and view count in a


 Add workbook to favorites: Add a

workbook to the list of favorites for a user.

 Delete view from favorites: Delete a view

from the list of favorites for a user.

User experience enhancements

Text table rendering has been improved, tableau has reduced the number of panes required to render the table which results in faster load of the table and dashboard

Progressive load: now dashboard loads in the parts, this enables user with data analysis before loading the entire dashboard.




June 2, 2016

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