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Google Data Studio 360 is a Game changer?

At Google performance submit goggle has announced a free version of data studio for individuals and small teams. Data studio lets you create fully customizable reports, lets you convert your data into visualization, charts, and tables and make the data readability easy.

Google thinks that the data should be easily accessible to anyone in the organization inform of information, As more people have access to data will make the decision making easy and effective.

As a fundamental Idea creating a data savvy culture in an organization basically lead the culture where people use the data while have discussion for decision making.  Providing exposure to data in easy and adhoc way helps companies or CIO to build the data savvy culture

Multiple Data Connectors:  Data studio lets you connect data from different Google sources, create visually intuitive dashboards and share with others in the team and organization.  Data studio lets you to mix and match data from various data sources.

Google Data Studio enables you to pull data from the following sources:

  • Adwords
  • Attribution 360
  • BigQuery
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Sheets
  • YouTube Analytics



With data studio you can combine Google adwords and Google analytics data into a single report, and share the report with other people in team.



Data studio is not limited to sharing the report with other users as per Google its having same architecture as the Google docs that allows multiple user to work together in true collaboration fashion.


Data studio lets you compare the progress over year by using the bar chart or can compare the performance of two similar type of items by using the side by side bar chart. To see the trends use line chart, to see the market share use pie chart. And also to track the business goal use modern charts like bullet chart.



User can easily identify the outliers from data by using the heatmap


There are many stylistic tools to design your report in specific format and style . apart from this data studio has components to increase the interactivity between reports users. There are also interactive data controls, like a date picker and dynamic filters that enable report editors to make reports interactive for viewers


Free Version vs Data Studio 360

The free version just allows creating 5 reports with unlimited data connections.

Both free and data studio 360 allows unlimited viewing of the reports, editing and collaboration.

Our  comments


Its new tool good for the analysis fo Google sources like spread sheet, GA, Adsense etc.


Doesn’t allow connectivity with other sources like oracle, tera data etc.


It doesn’t have features that other tools like QlikView , QlikSense or Tableau having so we can’t compare this with tableau .

I think its good start but have a loing journey ahead to become the competitor of tools like power BI, QlikSense, and Tabelau

Although this tool would be widely used by people and organization , I don’t see this as  a game changer

This video will help you to start with Google data studio.





May 30, 2016

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