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Gartner magic quadrant for business intelligence

The Gartner magic quadrant for business intelligence has been released recently. You will see that the face value of BI tools hasn’t changed drastically however if you compare this year’s quadrant with previous year you will find a big change in the positioning of the tools in quadrant.

Magic quadrant 2016 has just three leaders Tableau, QlikView and Microsoft, all other tools have been pushed to Challenger visionary and Niche quadrants as per their capabilities.

Gartner has access the capabilities of BI tools based on five use cases and 14 critical capabilitiesGartner Magic Quardrant Business Intelligence

Five use cases

  1. Agile Centralized BI Provisioning
  2. Decentralized Analytics
  3. Governed Data Discovery
  4. Embedded BI
  5. Extranet Deployment

14 critical capabilities

BI Platform Administration: how easy is the platform to manage, monitor scale to handle the performance challenges posed by the growing data and users. High availability in case of disaster and failover

Cloud BI: Plat form as the service to manage deploy BI solution on the cloud with capabilities of connecting data and letting people to develop dashboards on fly

Security and User Administration: Capabilities that enables highly secure environment, and make application administration easy

Data Source Connectivity: Capabilities of connecting different type of data sources

Governance and Metadata Management: Capabilities to manage the metadata effectively and monitoring of the utilization of the resources

Self-Contained Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) and Data Storage: Tools capabilities of Extraction, Transformation and data reload

Self-Service Data Preparation: Capabilities of preparing the data by using the drag and drop features, pulling data from different sources and integrate it. Ability to create custom fields while preparing the data. Define the data type for fields. Capabilities of writing custom sql and use stored proc to get the data

Embedded Advanced Analytics: Capabilities of building charts by using the advanced analytics capabilities within the product or importing it from outside of the product

Analytic Dashboards: Creating highly interactive dashboard with data exploration capabilities and data filtering capabilities. Dashboard with collaborative features.

Interactive Visual Exploration:  Capabilities of presenting data by using the visual data representation capabilities of the tool.  Chart and graphs that goes beyond simple bar charts etc.

Mobile Exploration and Authoring: Very unique feature only a few BI tools offer it. Build and share dashboard using the mobile devices.


Embedding Analytic Content: Capabilities of embedding the charts and analytics results in third party portals, website or software. Software development kit to customize the feature of the tool as per the need of business if they are not provided in the tool.

Publishing Analytic Content: Ability to publish dashboard on server and cloud platforms and share with other users

Collaboration and Social BI: Enable users to share to do analysis put comments, highlight important finding and share with other via notes/comments, and annotations

June 2, 2016

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