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Tableau Online Training Overview

Coursedroid’s tableau online training course has been structured in such a way that it helps students to learn tableau quickly in 25 to 30 days, the curse content includes the basic and advanced conceptual teaching of tableau topics, Practical examples used in industry, exercise followed after class, and live project to provide real time projects exposure to students.

Tableau Course 

Tableau software  is visual learning concept of data visualization, Tableau course provides a deeper understanding of Tableau Architecture and concepts of Dimensions, Filters, Parameters, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculation and Dashboards. The course further trains you on Aggregating data, Data Blending, and R Connectivity with Tableau. Tableau also help you in pursuing better career. Tableau connects easily to nearly any data source be it corporate Data Warehouse, Microsoft Excel, and also big data. Big companies can host data on dashboards, and generate reports as it can transform data into visually appealing, and interactive visualization instantaneously. The development process to connect any data source is made easier and simpler because it features drag-and-drop interface. Some of the Tableau products are Tableau desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Reader, Tableau Public, Tableau Online, and Tableau Mobile Tablet. We can easy learn tableau software, it has improve your business perspectives.

Tableau Prerequisites

People with basic knowledge of reporting can easily learn tableau, having knowledge of excel reporting/charts and Sql will be an added advantage

Tableau  Career Opportunities

Professionals with Tableau skills have better opportunities and their demand has been on steady rise. People with tableau skills are getting placed easily in USA and other countries.

Tableau  Online Training Format

  • Tableau Online Training Instructor Lead Online classes &Interactive sessions.
  • Certification of the course Completion.
  • Life Time Access to Tableau Online video tutorial.
  • Exercise after class
  • Live Project to provide the real time project experience
  • Evaluation Test
  • Course Completion Certification

1 Tableau overview

  • Overview of Tableau
  • Tableau Architecture and various components
  • Tableau products , desktop , server , reader , online and public
  • Business Intelligence overview
  • What’s new in version 9.1

2 the Tableau Environment

  • Start Page
  • Data Source Page
  • The Tableau Workspace
  • Workbooks and Sheets
  • Files and Folders

3 Connecting Data

  • Basic Connection
  • Clipboard Data Sources
  • Working with Multiple Data Sources
  • Joining Tables
  • Extracting Data
  • Managing Queries
  • Understanding Data Fields

4 Building Data Views

  • Quick Start: Pivot Data (from Columns to Rows)
  • Quick Start: Split Fields into Multiple Fields
  • Parts of the View
  • Building Views Manually
  • Building Views Automatically
  • Build-It-Yourself Exercises
  • Pivot Data
  • Split a Field into Multiple Fields

5 Build Graphs and Charts

  • Build a Bar Chart
  • Build a Text Table
  • Build a Line Chart
  • Build a Scatter Plot
  • Build a Heat Map
  • Build a Histogram
  • Build a Gantt Chart
  • Build a Pie Chart
  • Build a Treemap
  • Build a Box Plot
  • Build a Packed Bubble Chart
  • Build a Map View
  • Pivot Data
  • Split a Field into Multiple Fields

6 Filters, groups, sets, formatting and more

  • Filtering
  • Formatting
  • Sorting
  • Groups
  • Sets

7 Aggregations, Actions and Dates

  • Aggregations
  • Actions
  • Dates and Times

8 Play with Marks, Missing Values

  • Annotations and Mark Labels
  • Inspecting Data
  • Using Multiple Measures
  • Missing Values
  • Create Discrete Bins from a Continuous Measure

9 Build business logics with calculations

  • How to use calculations to write business logics
  • Calculated Fields
  • Table Calculations
  • Level of Detail Expressions
  • Percentages

10 Building interactive Maps

  • Quick Start: Explore Data in Maps
  • Quick Start: Turn Off Pan and Zoom
  • Quick Start: Measure Distance in Maps with the Radial Tool
  • Quick Start: Filled Maps
  • Assign Geographic Roles
  • Build a Map View
  • Edit Locations
  • Set Map Options

11 Advanced Maps

  • Customize How People Interact with your Map
  • Set Map Search Options
  • Measure Distances Between Data Points and Locations in a Map
  • Custom Geocoding
  • Background Maps
  • Map Storing

12 Dashboards Part-1

  • Understanding Dashboards and Worksheets
  • Adding Views to a Dashboard
  • Adding Dashboard Objects
  • Removing Views and Objects from a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Web View Security Options
  • Displaying High Resolution Images

13 Dashboards Part-2

  • Quick Start: Tiled and Floating Dashboard Layouts
  • Tiled and Floating Layouts
  • Quick Start: Layout Containers
  • Layout Containers
  • Showing and Hiding Parts of a Worksheet
  • Rearranging Dashboard Views and Objects
  • Setting the Dashboard Size

14 Build Data Stories

  • Quick Start: Stories
  • The Story Workspace
  • Creating a Story
  • Customizing a Story Point
  • Format a Story
  • Updating a Story
  • Presenting a Story
  • Example – Earthquake Trend Story

15 Advanced Analysis

  • Forecasting
  • Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions, and Boxes
  • Totals
  • Parameters
  • Background Images
  • Trend Lines
  • Log Axes

16 Publishing and Sharing

  • Publishing to Tableau Server
  • Saving and Exporting
  • Printing

 Tableau Server

1 Tableau server Overview and Architecture

  • Overview of tableau server
  • Architecture and Main components
  • What’s new in tableau server 9.1

2 Understand the Server environment

  • ClosedSite administrator menus
  • ClosedServer administrator menus
  • Quick Start: Manage Your Content
  • Navigate the Server
  • Multi-Site Navigation
  • Quick Start: Quick Search for Tableau Server
  • Search Content
  • View, Sort, and Select Content
  • Content Actions
  • Store Favorites
  • Save Passwords
  • Manage Your Content and Account Settings
  • Manage Credentials

3 Work with views on Server

  • Interact with Views
  • Edit and Create Views
  • Embed Views

4 Manage Data Sources On Server

  • About Tableau Data Sources
  • Connect to Published Data Sources
  • Embedded Data Sources
  • Edit Data Source Connections
  • Cube Data Sources
  • Web Data Connectors
  • Troubleshoot Data Sources

5 Control Access and Permissions

  • ClosedChange a Workbook Owner
  • ClosedChange a Data Source Owner
  • ClosedChange a Project Owner
  • Quick Start: Permissions
  • Permission Rules and Resulting Permissions
  • How Permissions are Evaluated
  • Set Permissions for Workbooks and Views
  • Set Permissions for a Data Source
  • Set Permissions for a Project
  • Edit Permission Rules
  • View Permission Rules and Resulting Permissions
  • Permissions Reference
  • Grant Edit and Save Permissions
  • Disable Web Authoring
  • Create Project-Based Permissions

6 Tableau Serevr Configurations and Administration

  • Before you install
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements and Recommendations
  • Install and Configure
  • Upgrade to 9.1
  • Distributed Environments
  • Work with the Server
  • Security
  • SAML
  • SSL
  • Kerberos
  • Performance
  • Proxy Servers
  • Trusted Authentication
  • OAuth Data Connections

7 Command Line utilities for the automation of tasks

  • tabadmin
  • tabcmd

8 Overview of REST APIs and JavaScript APIs

  • Javascript APIs


21.Q & A

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    I liked’s tableau elearning course. It is amazing site for online learning.

  2. Excellent Course


    This is really nice course everything has been put in right order. I specially like the practical scenerios covered in the course and also the pace of training conducted.

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