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Power BI is flagship self-service data visualization tool designed by Microsoft. PowerBi is different from other Microsoft reporting tool SSRS . PowerBi mainly focus on enabling business user with quick development and rapid deployment on visualization.

Power BI dashboards can be hosted on cloud Power BI Service , and dashboard can be designed with PowerBI Desktop interface. offers a course to quickly train developers in 3 weeks . Trainees will be provided following material

  • Customized Study material
  • Access to recorded sessions
  • Exercise after each session
  • Live Porject


  • Must have basic knowledge of business intelligence concepts.
  • Must have understanding of DBMS and Sql concepts
  • Experience on any business intelligence tool will be helpful

Training Format:

  • Online Training Instructor Lead Online classes &Interactive sessions.
  • Certification of the course Completion.
  • Life Time Access to Online video tutorial.
  • Exercise after class
  • Live Project to provide the real time project experience
  • Evaluation Test
  • Course Completion Certification

Class 1 : Introducing PowerBI for Excel

PowerBI for Excel

PowerBI Key Features

The Self-Service BI Model

PowerBI in Excel

PowerPivot Add-In

Using PowerBI

Class 2 : Defining a Report

a PowerPivot Report

Defining a Report

Data-Driven Storytelling

Class 3 : Understanding PowerPivot Data

Understanding Data Terminology



Diagnosing Data Models

Data Model Schemas

Class 4 : Create Reports using PowerPivot Data

Making Changes to PowerPivot Data

Creating PowerPivot PivotTables

Creating PowerPivot PivotCharts

Creating Slicers

Graphing Data

Class 5 : Understanding PowerPivot Functions

Calculated Columns


Understanding DAX Functions

Common DAX Functions

Dates and Date Functions

Class 6 : Introducing PowerBI Tools

Microsoft’s Self-Service PowerBI Model

PowerBI for Excel

Class 7 : Power View for Excel

Power View

Creating Power View Reports

Power View Interface Components

Understanding Table Visualizations

Chart Visualizations

Power View Tiles, Slicers, & Multiples

Class 8 : Power Map/3D Maps for Excel

3D Map/Power Map

Preparing a 3D Maps/Power Map Tour

3D Maps/Power Map Designer

3D Maps/Power Map Formatting Tools

Finalizing a 3D Maps/Power Map Tour

Class 9 : BI Data Query Basics

a BI Data Query

Planning a BI Data Query

Class 10 : Query Editor Transformations

Basic Transformations

Merging & Appending Queries

Calculated Columns

Grouping and Summarizing Data

Unpivoting Data

Dealing with Malformed Data

Finalizing Queries

Class 11 : Understanding BI Data

Business Intelligence Data Sources

Data Source Types

Table Roles

Class 12 : Creating Data Models

Creating a Data Model – Excel

Creating a Data Model – Database

Creating a Data Model – Hybrid

Class 13 : Creating DAX Functions

Review of Syntax and Calculated Columns

Best Practices

DAX Measures

Creating Measures (Calculated Fields)

Class 14 : Dates and Hierarchies

Building Data Tables

Building Data Hierarchies

Class 15 : Shaping Reports

Building Communication Worksheets

Controlling Item Ordering

PowerPivot Metadata

Class 16 : Basic DAX Functionality

Review Of Calculated Column

PivotTable Function

Review Of Measure

Rules Of DAX Measure

Evaluation Context

Formatting DAX Code

Class 17 : Controlling Content & Values

Controlling Values

Switch Function

Error Handling

Class 18 : Context Control Functions

Filter Function

All Function

Iterative Functions

Earlier Function

Calculate Function

Additional Uses Of The All Function

Class 19 : Contexts In Relationships

Working With Many Tables

Row Context & Relationships

Filter Context & Relationships

Values Function

Class 20 : Advanced Concepts

Circular Dependencies

Controlling Totals

Advanced Hierarchy Concepts

Class 21 : Time Intelligence Calculations

Working With Date Tables

Calculating Operating Periods

Working With Missing Periods

DAX Date Functions

Advanced Date Functions

Prior Year Functions

Moving Averages

Class 22 : DAX Dashboard Techniques

Parameter Tables



Advanced Slicer Techniques


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