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Salesforce is a online CRM package that is built over a platform known as Business organisations use salesforce as their internal software to manage  business process, sales process, customer service, etc. Now these business organisations need salesforce developers to customize their existing CRM software or to build new CRM software for them

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a part of salesforce cloud computing. CRM basically work in a hold customer’s information. And it’s software that stores customer contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as keeps track of customer activity such as phone calls, email, website visits, and more.

SalesForce Learning Prerequisites

Should have a good understanding of basic CRM concepts and functionality.

SalesForce Training Format:

  • SalesForce Online Training Instructor Led Online classes &Interactive sessions.
  • Certification of the course Completion.
  • Life Time Access to SalesForce training Online video tutorial.
  • Exercise after class
  • Live Project to provide the real time project experience
  • Evaluation Test
  • Course Completion Certification


 1. Orientation

Using the Developer Console

  • Activating the Developer Console
  • Using the Developer Console to Execute Apex Code
  • Creating Sample Data

Creating and Instantiating Classes

  • Creating an Apex Class Using the Developer Console
  • Calling a Class Method

Creating an Apex Class Using the Salesforce User Interface

2. Apex Language Fundamentals

      Primitive Data Types and Variables

  • Primitive Data Types and Variables
  • String
  • Boolean and Conditional Statements
  • Time, Date, and Datetime
  • Integer, Long, Double and Decimal
  • Null Variables
  • Enums

Comments, Case Sensitivity, Collections and Loops

  • Comments
  • Case Sensitivity
  • Arrays and Lists
  • Loops
  • Sets and Maps

Classes, Interfaces and Properties

  • Defining Classes
  • Private Modifiers
  • Constructors
  • Static Variables, Constants, and Methods
  • Interfaces

SObjects and the Database

  • What is an sObject?
  • SOQL and SOSL Traversing and Querying
  • sObject SOQL For Loops
  • Apex Data Manipulation Language.

Exception Handling

  • What Is an Exception?
  • Try, Catch, and Finally Statements
  • Built-In Exceptions and Common Methods
  • Catching Different Exception Types
  • Creating Custom Exceptions

3. Apex in Context

Executing Data Operations as a Single Transaction

Adding Custom Business Logic Using Triggers

  • Creating a Trigger
  • Invoking the Trigger

Apex Unit Tests

  • Adding a Test Utility Class
  • Adding Test Methods
  • Running Tests and Code Coverage

Running Apex Within Governor Execution Limits

Scheduled Execution of Apex

  • Adding a Class that Implements the Schedulable Interface
  • Adding a Test for the Schedulable Class
  • Scheduling and Monitoring Scheduled Jobs

Apex Batch Processing

  • Adding a Test for the Batch Apex Class
  • Running a Batch Job

 4. Visual force Pages with Apex Controllers

   Enabling Visual force Development Mode

Creating a Simple Visual force Page

Displaying Data in a Visual force Page

Using a Custom Apex Controller with a Visual force Page

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