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Agile development methodology for BI Applications

Agile Business Intelligence refers to the agile software development methodology for Business Intelligence. The agile software development methodology is famous for adapting quick business changes and quick deliverables via 2-4 weeks sprint. The agile methodology works on the interactive principle and focus on adapting new things, innovative ways while working on the development and show a working model to client at the end of 2-4 weeks sprint.


The Agile development method is more appropriate for Business intelligence application as the data analysis requirement keep changing for the business. It gives flexibility to business users to adapt new ideas and analysis approaches.

As far as BI application concerned it should be developed quickly so that the user can start using it on time to see real value coming out of the investment done on the application.

The business intelligence is a framework that combines the processes, methodologies, tools, technologies and statistics

The main goal of BI application is to enable user with decision making, and that’s the reason it’s called decision support system in certain context.



The Agile methodology of BI application development make sure that following:

  1. 1. On time delivery of application and working module
  2. 2. Adapt changes in the business requirement
  3. 3. Let business continue focusing of the innovative ideas
  4. 4. Continuous improvement in application

Following are the basic steps to develop a BI application with Agile BI process

  1. 1. Understand the requirement
  2. 2. Create product backlog
  3. 3. Have meeting with stake holders and prioritize the requirement
  4. 4. Identify the complex, med complex and low complexity requirement
  5. 5. Decide the sprint duration recommended duration is 2-4 week
  6. 6. Pick up the story form product backlog to start the sprint
  7. 7. Conduct sprint planning meeting (plan spring , user story assign to team)
  8. 8. Assign task to individual team member
  9. 9. Create a task tracker on the board to make the sprint interactive and interesting for everyone



  1. 10. Let the team create their task and put that on the tracker with sticky notes
  2. 11. Have demo at the end of sprint with stake holders, collect feedback from audience
  3. 12. Have retrospective meeting to improve the sprint experience , just discuss three things
    1. a. What you would like to continue
    2. b. What you would like to stop
    3. c. And what should remain unchanged



Following are the main advantages of the agile

  • 1. On time delivery
  • 2. User can see working model every 2-4 weeks
  • 3. Flexible to adapt new changes
  • 4. Focus on continuous improvement
  • 5. Its interactive and very collaborative so less miss communication between business and IT
June 2, 2016

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